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Sex only strengthens that bond by releasing oxytocin and keeping the reward circuits in our brain tied to our ex-partner, creating a dopamine high like no other. A malignant narcissist knows this and will use sex to prevent you from "detoxing" properly from the relationship. To make you a backup source of supply.
Jackie said she went to sleep shortly after her boyfriend got home and she took the medicine. 'I wake up and he has Venmo charged me $7 for this medicine,' she added. 'He Venmo charged me $7 for ...
Depending on the relationship, I think 6 months is certainly long enough to wait to introduce a child to a new partner. It can still be a slow process but I do think your new partner should start to be involved. Unless there is any danger to the child, an ex partner should NEVER feel that they are in the position to dictate that.